We are experts in visualising the phenomena of sound and vibration.

In this context we are focused on systematic NVH analyses in detail, prototyping in mechatronics and in condition monitoring with applications and support.

We are offering the following services in analysis of acoustic systems:

  • Run-up and run-down investigations of dynamic drive systems
  • Structural dynamic investigations, such as determination of natural frequencies by modal hammer or ODS from real operation
  • Determination of the Angular Fluctuation as well as Torsion of rotating systems, based on incremental pulses or signals from laser
  • Sound field analysis with an sound intensity probe or microphone array
  • Dynamic balancing in one, two or multi plain, as a supplement to condition monitoring

You can get benefit from our experiance over many years and our synergy transfer with EH-Innovations GmbH: When conventional analysis methods and computational algorithms fail in signal processing, we conduct cross-domain research to find solutions. One example is the development of GapCORR, a groundbreaking tool for the correction and calculation of incremental pulses in torsional vibration analysis

Fields of application
  • Vibration analysis / structure-borne noise
  • Angular Fluctuation analysis
  • Operational Deflection shape analysis
  • Condition monitoring
  • Analysis of sound fields / Sound Design
  • Noise surveys